About Us

The beginnings of A Better Construction Experience™

SJOC Construction Inc. is a licensed, certified, insured, W.S.I.B. compliant, and experienced construction management organization.

SJOC Construction Inc. was formed in 2016 from a small fold-down desk in a Toronto apartment. We now operate across Ontario in various construction delivery methods. Our team manages the many components involved in our projects and works closely with a network of professional tradespeople.

A full-service approach to construction projects allows us to truly focus on our clients and reward them with exciting results.

We understand that luxury is about much more than the amount of money spent on materials.

You want your home to be timeless, but also forward thinking. You want it to be adorned with the highest quality of features available, both inside and out. You want your interior to reflect your unique and upscale tastes, and your facade to show the world your character.


SJOC is the first company clients think about when they endeavour to build something that matters. We are driven to bring professionalism, efficiency, quality, and responsibility to the projects we are entrusted with. As a result, we provide our associates and partners a satisfying and rewarding place to bring their energies to each day.


Bring Better Construction Experiences to the world’s clients.

A Better Construction Experience™ does exist, and you deserve one.

A letter from the owner

Construction is a beautiful thing. It is everywhere we look, and we are all involved with it in one way or another. Whether it is the new restaurant that opened on our street, the custom house we are about to move into, the freshly renovated library or grocery store that brings enjoyment to being in a new space; the results of construction are touchable, dazzling, useful, and a unique mark left on this earth by the ones who commission it. The results of construction are clear and rewarding, but what about the experience? Can your construction experience be as rewarding as the results? This has become the mission of our company, and the motivation behind our people who dedicate themselves to our clients.

My love of construction began many years ago. I made it my personal mission to learn everything about the business. How is construction planned? Designed? Engineered? Estimated? Sourced? Diagnosed? Built? Expedited? Communicated? Improved? Guiding clients through better and better construction experiences became an obsession, further magnified by those who joined the cause to bring Better Construction Experiences to more people. We ask ourselves daily; What makes A Better Construction Experience™? How do we schedule this project better? How can we provide better transparency with pricing? How can we communicate better and more consistently, even when we weren’t asked to do so? How do we serve our clients better than we served them yesterday?” We may not be the best, yet this search for “better” drives us towards showing others how beautiful construction can really be.

You may be reading this as you are about to embark on your own construction journey. Perhaps someone you know is embarking on their own or has recently been through one. You will, without a doubt, come across several moments in your life that require construction in one way or another, and I am really excited for you. There are many decisions to be made along the way, and we deeply understand the personal commitments involved.

Visiting our website is a step in the right direction towards helping you create a space you will enjoy for a very long time. We touch on who we are, what we do, how we do it, and some of the benefits of choosing SJOC as your preferred builder. By viewing some of our stunning project photos, and hearing some of the many success stories, it is just a matter of time before your own love for construction begins. I am humbled and thankful for your interest in us. You have many choices and selections out there, but here’s one final thought: A Better Construction Experience™ does exist, and you deserve one.

Signature of Sean O' Connor, CEO & Founder of SJOC Construction Inc.