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Beyond Renovation: Transforming a Derelict House into a Dream Home

You get the best of both worlds when you renovate a dated property. You can preserve the original structure’s integrity and enjoy the privacy and charm of an older home while improving it with new construction and amenities.

Whether you gut the entire property and put it back together again or add a modern extension, the most important thing is choosing the right partner to help you with the process.

We take you through the beginning stages of completely remodelling and expanding a house designed in 1957 in a part of Hamilton called Dundas—a beautiful rural area, located just at the edge of the valley.

Watch the video with Mike, our site supervisor and keep reading below to learn more.

Repair, remove, and extend

Our primary objective in this renovation was to repair the building and the infrastructure to make it safe, remove all debris, rocks, trees, and obstacles standing between us and the construction, and extend outwards to increase accommodations.

When you’re working with a home from the 1950s, with old tile, plumbing fixtures, and appliances that have escaped earlier updates, it generates a lot of waste, and proper management is required for its disposal.

For this project, we provided all site excavation and preparation services, including demolition and excavation waste.

Connect the inside with the outside

Our second objective was to connect the inside of the house with the outside. We built an entryway for the home on the main floor and made it accessible through three sets of double doors located along the wall that runs along the length of the main living area.

We also extended the deck to allow access to the backyard from the living room on the right. With new windows and doors installed to connect the inside to the outside, a new deck and external staircase will be built to better connect the second floor with the ground.

Maintain standards and code of practice

A part of our job at SJOC is not just providing a beautiful place to live but also one that is safe and reliable. To that end, we repaired the internal guts of the house, also known as the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC, and brought the septic tank system, which was last updated in the 1970s, up to current building code standards.

How SJOC Construction can help

Are you considering renovating your entire home or adding on a modern extension? From extending upwards and outwards to removing internal walls and converting redundant spaces, we approach every project with care and attention to detail.  Our expert team can manage the end-to-end process from site preparation to construction, and they’ll treat your home as if it were their own.

For a stress-free building experience and a finished product that exceeds your expectations, call SJOC Construction.