Washroom renovation preparation for St. Lawrence College

With the outbreak of COVID-19, institutions are seeking to improve their washroom facilities now more than ever.

We’ve seen a spike in demand for washroom renovations, where hand dryers, soap dispensers, and anything else that can be potential sources of bacteria are being replaced with touchless technology.

To help St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario, build high specification washrooms across several floors, we prepared their spaces for renovation.

Watch the video with Luay, our project manager, to see how we started the process.

Step one: Demolition

We had a specialized contractor demolish the two washrooms on the ground floor because they had type two asbestos. They removed the toilets, sinks, dryers, and radiators so that the remodelling could begin.

Initially, we were supposed to remove the old tiles and install new ones. However, the existing drywall was in disrepair, so we recommended they change all the drywall. As general contractors, we always advise our clients to make their investments last longer than they expect.

Step two: Framing the ceiling

Next, we reinforced the framing for the ceiling so that it could support the drywall. We also undertook all the mechanical and electrical work and got it ready for inspection.

Step three: Plumbing and HVAC

Contracting a licensed plumber and an HVAC team helped us install the toilet cubicles and manage the rules and regulations that affect the mechanical systems inside washrooms. For example, institutional restrooms need to be ADA-compliant and have adequate wheelchair access, among a myriad of other concerns. We also factored energy efficiency, construction standards, heating, ventilation, and egress into the renovation.

How SJOC Construction can help

Whether you’re looking for a complete washroom renovation or new washroom designs, SJOC Construction can help you achieve your goals on time and within budget. Talk to us today about implementing the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly washroom for your institution.